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Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

~Napoleon Hill

We have a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY right here with the services we provide through our company. NOW is definitely the best time EVER to get going!



Billing Recovery Service

​The word "Docent" means, "A lecturer or tour guide (usually in a museum)". This name is appropriate as we're "guiding" health care providers to our strategic partner who can, at no-risk, collect much of their unpaid or underpaid insurance billings. We are simply the "guides", we don't do the actual work of the billings (yet we get paid once collections are made). is the "tools and help" website for The Docent Group LLC, which is a marketing and education company created to provide independent contractor reps with all

the resources and information needed to help them bring in as many health care providers' offices, clinics, hospitals, labs, and those of any other entity that bills insurance and needs assistance in collecting more on their unpaid and underpaid billings.

By using Team Docent's website, training, and personal guidance this will help all Representatives bring in more business and make more money.

​​As an Independent Representative you will receive 4% of the first $500K in total collections of EACH practice you refer, and then 2.5% ongoing forever.

You also will receive 10% of the collections payment commissions on each person you refer to us. No minimum, no other requirements

This video explains the entire, exciting program:



To become an Independent Representative of the Docent Group is to simply pay a limited-time discounted $249 Training and On-boarding fee, and provide a signed Agreement and a filled-out W-9.

To Pay the Training and Onboarding fee:


You can pay with PayPal and send to (simply go to or use the link below):

PayPal direct link: Click Buy Now

To pay with a credit card CLICK HERE and click Training Program

You can also use Zelle/Chase QuickPay  The email address for both of those accounts is also and it will say the account name is KRATOS

As stated above we will need the training fee, a signed agreement, and a signed W9, in order for you to be an active member of our team, eligible to bring in clients and to receive commissions.

Here is the Agreement: CLICK HERE

Here is the W9: CLICK HERE

Please also sign and return this NCND CLICK HERE


Email the completed documents to


I did a video to explain how to fill out the Agreement and sign it WITHOUT printing (the W9 may not be able to save the date so just send without the date). CLICK HERE

You can sign in the same manner using your cellphone! Get the Adobe Fill And Sign app.

Also, you can download Acrobat Reader DC for your laptop for free CLICK HERE


This website and its contents do not give any medical nor legal advice. It is presented as a resource only. The use and distribution of any of said information are fully at the discretion of the user.

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