Here is Summary of What to Do to Get Started to Bring on Billing Recovery Clients


ONCE ON-BOARD WITH TDG (see Home page for the process), the following is the recommended Step-by-Step process to start bringing on providers for the Billing Recovery Services:


This is a FAQ that will help explain our purpose and process to potential clients:


If you are working with your warm market (people you know in the health-care world) who automatically will have an interest in increasing collections:

Since Proficient does all the work on a contingency basis they have set a threshold that the practice must bill at least $2 million/year in order for there to be enough "leftover" billing to make it worthwhile for everyone involved. They will not run the billing for less than that so PLEASE vet your potential clients prior to moving forward.

1. Make a list of the people you know so you can keep track of everything.

Some of the "Home Runs" would be these kinds of practices (but we're not limited to just these):

Primary Care

Family practice






Pain Management





General Surgery


Podiatric Surgeons







Internal Medicine





Obviously, a HOSPITAL is excellent as well.

Below are some of the types of practices that do not usually have lots of recoverable billings for our purposes (there are exceptions within these groups; the key is they need to be billing a variety of codes and these types of practices generally have far less variety of coding):




Dermatologists (unless they're doing lots of different types of treatments)

Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Home Health

2. Call (or email if you must) them and let them know you've become a representative of a company that works with health care providers to collect their unpaid insurance billings at no-risk whatsoever to them.

You should come up with a 30-second "elevator speech" where you can explain what we're doing in just a few seconds to interest someone and explain it super-quickly.

Something like:

"Do you have a lot of uncollected insurance money every month?" They reply "of course"

"We may be able to collect a lot of the insurance money that is being written-off at no upfront cost and no risk to you. Whatever we collect is on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay a percentage of what is recovered. If your practice has a lot of unpaid or underpaid insurance billings why not let us find out if we can get some of the money being written off? There is no risk and no cost to find out how much we can scoop up for you. Pretty cool, huh?"

This is approximately the way I've said my elevator speech...not every time is word for word. You may make it more formal if you'd like. The key phrases are "written-off", "contingency", "no-cost" and "no risk". As long as you use words like that you'll probably at least get someone's attention because it keeps it all safe. You're not "selling" anything and there's nothing to people's guards may be kept down.

3. You'll want to be familiar with possible initial questions they may ask. You are simply guiding the conversation to 'take their temperature" and if they express interest or at least curiosity, the goal is to have them commit to getting on a phone call to discuss with Rob and/or Dr. Patel or one of their specialists to find out the details.


They may want to watch the 9-minute video with Dr. Rik, Rob, and Dr. Patel. That video is found HERE and is also embedded on our site:

4. Once they say they'd like to find out more, your job is to connect them up with Dr. Rik. Simply get a few times and dates when you and they will be available for a 15-minute conversation to see if our partners can collect some of their money. Not a sales pressure...just to find out if maybe it's for them.

For now, the best way to connect is to email or text me that you have an interested facility and give me a couple of times they would be available for a call. Then I can connect with Rob/Dr. Patel or his people, and we (you, me, Rob, and the prospect) can get together on the phone.


You can also send it along via email if that’s better.


We will use a conference bridge for everyone to call into.


Then I’d want you/your rep to introduce your contact to the other people and then we will let Rob/whoever take it away. You and I will mute and let them talk "turkey".


That’s generally the extent of it as the handoff has taken place and we hope the person tells Rob…let’s go.

This call will get your prospect's questions answered. Since this is a no-risk situation, basically all that needs to be done is for them to sign the agreements and let Dr. Patel's team take over and run their billings through the program. They can decide after hearing the amount that can be recovered whether or not to become an "official" client (it's all money left on the table anyway so why wouldn't they?). Once it's a "go" then billings will take place and once payment is made to the provider they will pay Dr. Patel's company and then TDG will receive a portion and then will pay you in a timely manner.

Here is how the provider and Proficient will proceed: CLICK HERE

5.  Once you have connected a client to the system YOU'RE DONE and you'll receive a portion of what is collected from then on. You'll have happy clients and it would be a good time to ask for their referrals. Additionally, you can share this opportunity with like-minded people who also would like to generate a residual income. We will compensate you for all the people you personally bring in.