Marketing Materials

Here is are revised FAQ that will answer questions and concerns: CLICK HERE


Here is a 4-page document that explains the entire process. You may want to print this and give to prospects or save it and email it as backup documentation: CLICK HERE

Here is a one-page handout you can use to explain the highlights of our services:


California calls Medicaid "Medi-Cal" so this document is for California:


To get Business Cards you may use this logo (Right-click on the logo and save it. You can open in MS Paint):


Here is the logo on a pdf: CLICK HERE


You can get your own business cards made, through a place like Vista Print or wherever you choose, and you may use this logo.

You MUST put the words "Independent Representative" under your name so it looks like this:

The Docent Group

John Smith

Independent Representative

You may want to get an email address just for this business. I'd recommend getting a free Gmail account and you can configure it like this: It's much easier to do it this way than using one with our domain.

TDG Logo 3 (2)_edited.png